Bucket of Chalk CHALK

Our chalk is made with premium grade Magnesium Carbonate to help you hold on to that crazy ninja obstacle.  It doesn't  matter if you like Super Fine, Chunky Fine, Just Block Chalk or Liquid Paste we have them all.  With a purchase from the Bucket Store you are helping to support our Ninjas.  Get a promo code from your favorite BOC athlete and receive a discount.

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Bucket of Chalk NINJA HOLDS

The Bucket of Chalk has partnered with Stronghold Ninja Holds on our own line of holds.  What goes better with BOC Chalk then a ninja hold from Stronghold.  Check out he full line of holds HERE!

TeAm Bucket of ChalK

How bucket of Chalk bEgan

Bucket of Chalk first began with our original five (Kaden, Elijah, Caiden, Hudson and Zac) wanting to make the best ninja team around.  At UNAA Finals Season 3 we created Bucket Of Chalk. Ever since Bucket Of Chalk has been growing and crushing ninja competitions across the country!  Check out who is in the Bucket here. Recently they decided to expand the Bucket into more then just a team and what makes more sense for the bucket?  That's right come up with your own line of Chalk. After months and months of testing different formulas Bucket of Chalk CHALK was created.


Now you can help support the Bucket with your chalk purchase.  Use the promo code for your favorite Bucket athlete and a percentage of the sale will go to support there ninja habit.


SUPER FINE Chalk (1 pound)

SUPER FINE Chalk (1 pound)


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