General BOC comp rules

All rules are "subject" to change


  • Sorry no age groups.  This competition is for any age group.  This is a pro level course and an insanely tough pro level course. This comp will not be designed for the beginner or even the intermediate ninja, however even if you’re young or new to ninja and ready for a challenge, we strongly encourage you to sign up.


  • Bucket rules!  If you've been you know.


  • All appeals will need to be taken to appeals commissioner and will be reviewed in booth.  Floor judges will not have time to be reviewing complaints. 

  • All appeals must be brought to appeals commissioner by ninja themselves.  Appeals from any other person other then ninja with dispute will not be reviewed.  Parents, family members, other ninjas, friends will not be able to appeal calls.  

  • Appeals must be brought to appeals commissioner within 2 runners of said dispute.

  • All booth reviews are final. Once a video has been reviewed and a verdict has been delivered the video will not be reviewed again.

  • If a rerun is granted you new run will be the run that is counted.  Original run will be thrown out. 

  • If rerun is granted, rerun time can not be faster then your last completed obstacle.  Time will be adjusted as needed.



  • Grand Champion will be decided by over all points from all stages.  If more then one Ninja has the same amount of points it will then come down to time. Grand Champion could be the same person as 1st place but doesn't have to be.

  • 1st place, 2nd place and so on will be decided by the individual that competes the most obstacles in the fastest time in stage 4.  If not enough contestants make it to stage 4 placements will drop to stage 3.


Stage 1 ​

  • Top 50% move on to stage 2

  • 3 falls and your run is over.

Stage 2 ​

  • Top 50% move on to stage 3

  • 2 falls and your run is over.

Stage 3

  • 1 fall and your run is over.

  • currently unsure how many we will take to stage 4 (its complicated)

Stage 4 ​

  • unsure will depend on what stage 4 is.

We reserve the right to change any and all of these rules if we think it makes it better or if Kaden wants too.... BOC discretion