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Revenge of the Bucket
Competitor Info

Helpful Info

Open Gym

Open Gym times are changing slightly due to the competition and time needed Friday night to set up for the competition.  Here is the open gym schedule.​

  • Ninja Intensity will be offering a special competitor only open gym on the Friday before, times have yet to be decided.

  • Friday evening open gym will be closed, so we can set up the course for Saturday.

  • No open gym Saturday or Sunday due to competition.

  • Ninja Intensity no longer offers Thursday open gyms.

Friday @ the Edge

The Edge in Castle Rock is a great place to hang out and enjoy the great Colorado weather.  We recommend checking it out Friday before the comp.

Competitor Bio

We will send this out a couple weeks before.  This is just info to help our commentators Chris DiGangi and Ryan Startis know a little more about you when your running the course.  It will take less time to fill out the bio then it did to read this.  So click here to fill it out.

Competition Day

Check in for wave 1 will be 7:30am on Saturday, with the first runner at 8:00am.  We are currently planning 3 waves for stage 1.  This is mostly to help our check in volunteers so they don't get overwhelmed.  We will send out run order, waves and times for the rest of the stages on Friday. Please note it's going to be a very long day and will probably run very late.  However, we plan to start later on Sunday.  If you decide to come watch other waves, please DO NOT check in until your wave time. The run order may change if weather severely impacts the athletes travel to Colorado.   

Stage 1 course video

We will release a stage 1 course video the night before(it may be late).  We will not do a Stage 1 course walk though or demo the day of the comp, so please study the video!  We will have someone to answer your questions in the warm up area, due to number of competitors we will not be allowing questions at starting line so make sure to ask before. 


The only chalk allowed during the comp will be provided by Bucket of Chalk (after all we are a chalk company) at certain stations throughout the courses.  FYI this may not be at the start of the course. No other chalk will be permitted.  

UNAA Qualifier

Just like past Bucket comps Stage 1 will be a UNAA Qualifier!


Due to the number of sign ups parking is going to be a bit tight.  For overflow parking please park in the school across the street - World Compass Academy.  The school is offering part of there parking to us, so please do not park in the coned off areas. Please DO NOT park in the I Motion or the new U-Haul storage lot or you will be towed.

Hotel Rooms

Deals coming soon.


Hmmmm...........Should we do this again??? It's always a good idea to bring your towel.

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