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Kaden Lebsack

Bucket of Chalk CEO

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I'm from Castle Rock, Colorado.

I train at Ninja Intensity with my coach John Maul.

If I’m not training I’m competing. Favorite competitions are UBW and UNX because of the talent they bring in.


-2nd UNAA pro division (Season 4)

-2nd UNX Major 2 (Season 1)

-1st UNAA 10-13 (Season 3)

-1st UNAA 10-13 (Season 2)

-3rd UNAA 10-13 (Season 1)

Favorite Obstacle – Precision Bars

Weaknesses – Cinnabon’s (with extra frosting)

Strengths – One arm pull ups on ninja obstacles and Oreo's


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Max Feinberg

Bucket of Chalk COO

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I started doing parkour four years ago after I started watching American ninja warrior. I go to a gym called Alternate Routes in Maryland and have been going there for over a little over a year now.  In that time I have competed on American ninja warrior Junior #AMAXING and placed third overall at UNAA finals, 4th place NNL finals.

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Jake Murray(Kirby Bucket)

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Jake Murray, son of Anthony, born under a blood moon during The Battle of the 14 races.  Forged of Dolomite and puppy dogs, he has sworn an oath to NBC to vanquish courses lest he not be called back next season. 



Humor - 4/7

Politeness - 5/5

Muscles - 3/10

Math - 8/10(4/5)

Free throws - 100/100


Enjoys:  A good spray tan with no goggles and his eyes taped open.  


Dislikes:  Spray Tans, Poachers, and just the overuse of just the word “just”.


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Isabella Wakeham

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Hi, I’m Isabella Wakeham! I’ve been training for 5 years, with Ninja legends Daniel Gil, Josh Salinas and all of the amazing athletes at Iron Sports. I have podiumed at almost every National and World Championships I have been to (we don’t talk about NNL 2019) ;) and won the silver medal in the Pro female division at UNAA World Championships. I competed on ANWJR season 1 and tested and cheered with my BOC friends for season 2! I love my church, ice cream, and the ninja community!


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Jesse Labreck

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I’m 30, from Oakland, Maine. My favorite obstacle is the cargo net HAHA just kidding... it’s the double dipper. My favorite ninjas are Chris DiGangi ️, Jon Alexis - we’ve been friends since I was 15 and he’s the reason I started ninja! We drove 12 hours from Maine to go to a ninja comp at Alternate Route. Never trained on a single obstacle . The only other sport I was competitive in was Track, competed D1 in college and competed at Jr Nationals and NCAA nationals.


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Hans Hertz

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I live in Castle Rock, Colorado and I am a proud member of Team Ninja Intensity.  I began my ninja journey with a local competition in 2017 and have been competing non stop and traveling to different gyms around the country ever since.  I love the sport of Ninja and helping others train and compete, especially my brother.  I was very fortunate to have competed on ANWJR season 1 and becoming 2019 UNAA and State Games of America champion. Excited to be a part of Bucket of Chalk!


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Brady Parks

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I started seriously training for American ninja warrior in about July of 2018 and I have done a ton of high level comps since then. Trying to get stronger every day!


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Sam Folsom

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I’m 17

Home gym is my barn 

No other talents, except able to skip out on team photos.

Favorite obstacle is Bermuda Triangle

Totaly has a 40 foot pull up bar

Favorite Ninja is Harrison Dockery


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Elijah Browning

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I am 14 years old, live in Thompsons Station, Tennessee and I've been competing in Ninja for the past 3 years. I am the only kid in the nation that has competing in all of the Ninja National finals (3 UNAA & 2 NNL). I travel all over the country competing in ninja competitions and I have  been the point leader for my age group in the National Ninja League the past 2 seasons. I train on my backyard course everyday and am a proud member of Team Ninja Intensity! I love my ninja friends around the country and enjoy spending time with them any chance I can get!


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Zac Holman

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I live in the Rocky Mountains at 8,000 ft. An Athlete from the get-go; rock climbing, skiing, mountain biking, tennis, and skateboarding are some of the sports I love, next to my passion for the world of Ninja.

After registering for a Ninja Class at a local rec center over 3 years ago and watching American Ninja Warrior on TV, I have been competing passionately ever since. I'm also very proud to be on the Ninja Intensity team. Determined to one day be on the show myself, this year my goal came to fruition when cast as a competitor for the first season of American Ninja Warrior Junior.  


Taylor Greene

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 I live in Colorado, and I started gymnastics when I could walk. I started Ninja training in 2017.  I train at all the ninja gyms in Colorado. I also rock climb for training. I competed on American ninja warrior jr. I am a member of the Wolfpack pro team, and compete in local and national competitions.

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Avery Glantz

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Hi I’m Avery! I’ve been doing ninja for 3 years and was a competitive gymnast before I started ninja! I competed on American Ninja Warrior Jr. Season 2 and in the past 2 NNL Finals. I train mostly at iCORE Fitness but I go down to Centercourt often. If I had to pick a favorite competition it would definitely be UBW. When I’m not doing ninja I do lots of handstands and flips!

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Ethan Swanson(Bozo Bucket)

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Height- 5’9”

Weight- 150 lbs

Ape Index-   +1.75 in

Fav obstacle- double dipper

Home gym- Ultimate Ninjas Chicago

Fav training partner- Kirby Bucket

Weaknesses- finger strength, bicep power, and Oreos 

Strengths- can eat a lot of Oreos 

Background- gymnastics and soccer

Fun facts:

Was a GoPro athletes and jumped off buildings (with TONS of training before hand) - Used to be an Acro Dunker for the Chicago Bulls

HUGE math nerd

Ninja Achievements:

6x ANW veteran, 3x Stage 2 veteran, 1x Stage 3 veteran, ANW Season 10&11 

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Ava Long

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I started my ninja journey competing on Season 1 of American Ninja Warrior Junior. Since then, I’ve been competing at NNL and UNAA events around the country and placed 1st at the NNL World Championship in Hartford. In addition to training as a ninja, I’m also a circus artist specializing in duo trapeze, hand balancing, acro and aerial hoop. I love being a ninja and a member of Bucket of Chalk!

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Josh Auer

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I started ninja training in 2017 and didn’t do very well at my first Ultimate Backyard Warrior competition when I was 12.  But I caught the ninja bug and wanted to get better.  So, I stepped up my training and became a student of the sport.  I ended up in the top 10 at NNL finals 5 months later.  I was introduced as “The Bathrobe Ninja” on seasons 1&2 of ANWJR (making it to the semifinals both years). Since then I finished:

UNAA Finals: #10 (13&under) 2018, #3 (13&under) in 2019 AWG Finals: #1 (11-13) 2019, #2 (14-16) 2020 NNL Finals: #9 (13-14) and #6 (Strongest Ninja)  in 2020 This year, I’m competing as a “pro” in each of the leagues I compete in.

I am homeschooled and work as a ninja coach at Rock Solid Warrior in NC.

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Caiden Madzelan

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I first started Ninja Warrior when my dads CrossFit coach applied for the show. I didn’t know what it was so I searched it and from that point forward I was hooked. I have done 2 serious years of training. At first I started off playing on monkey bars at school. But I got more serious and made a backyard ninja course and started going to a ninja warrior/parkour gym. In my 2 years of training I have accomplished getting on ANW Jr, getting 5th in the nation for UNAA 2017, Getting podium in my first adult competition, and being a two time Area and Regional champion for UNAA.

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Enzo Wilson

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My name’s Enzo Deferrari Wilson! I live in Ozona, Florida, and train for ninja warrior at Jungle Gym! I started ninja warrior 2 years ago and fell in love with it the second I started! I got top 10 in points in NNL last year and competed on Season 1 on American Ninja Warrior Jr! I’m also an ocean conservationist. The thing I love most about ninja is just the free feeling when you’re flying through the air on an obstacle.

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Jaimie Rahn

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ANW 2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 

Team Ninja/ Ninja vs. Ninja Captain seasons 1,2, and 3 for the Super Hero Squad.

3x Skills competitor. (Mega Wall, Infinity Ladder, and Peg board champion.)

Competed in Sasuke Vietnam, and Ninja Warrior Germany(VIP and 4 Nations Special)

2x Qualified for UNAA Worlds

4x Qualified for OCRWC

4x Qualified for NNL Worlds

6x Goliathon David

3x Allstars Competitor(2x Champion)

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Daniel Gil

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Daniel Gil was American NInja Warrior Season 11 runner up. He has been on ANW six seasons and consitantly on top of the podiums.  He is also a motivational speaker and worship leader as well as ninja trainer at Iron Sports gym in Houston.  His desire is to use his platform to help inspire those to pursue their dreams.

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Olivia Colasuonno

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I have always enjoyed climbing and started obstacle course training a few years ago after watching the show. I have competed on ANW Jr. and qualified for NNL and UNAA finals every year I have competed. I love being a part of the Ninja community and hanging out with other ninjas!

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Age: 30, Hometown: Brick NJ, Fav. Obstacle: Spin Hopper, Fav. Ninja: Flex LaBucket  & The Chicago Crew (Swan, Torres, Silenzi). I grew up playing Football, basketball, pole vault, high jump and I have degrees in Aerospace engineering, Mathematics, and Economics! I had my best season on ANW last year taking on stage 3 and I can’t wait to get back there! FOR THE BUCKET!

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Elena Borges

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I am 16 years old, I live in Florida, and i’ve been  doing ninja for just over 1 1/2 years. Before i did ninja i was a gymnast for 10 years. I competed on ANWJR Season 1. I’ve also been competing in NNL, UNAA, UBW, and UNX. My biggest accomplishment is getting 2nd place at UNX Major 1.  My favorite obstacles are any kind of laches and salmon ladder.

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Phil Folsom

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I have been doing Ninja for about three and a half years. I train ninja in a barn outside of St Louis.  When not doing ninja I like to play hockey.

I full send every course!

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